Obedience During The Tough Times

When I look at Biblical standards concerning giving to the poor, ministering to widows and orphans and generally looking out for the marginalized and downtrodden, I am always looking for the complementary verse. You know, the “when” verse; the one that tells me that I only need to do these things “when” I have extra time, extra money and extra emotional energy. 

The “when” verse isn’t there.

I was just reading a wonderful devotional blog from Joe Gibbs (www.GamePlanForLife.com).  He says this: 

Just because prices are up and wages are down, biblical truth is not temporarily suspended. Lean years don’t exempt us from pursuing God’s way of doing things. In fact, it’s in times like these—when real need is a lot closer to your front door than it may have seemed in days past—that the blessing of giving is actually the greatest. Your generous, sacrificial acts of service and care in Christ’s name have more potential for touching hearts now than they ever did.” 

It’s tough to give when resources are low and the future does not look bright. Ask the widow who put two small copper coins into the temple coffers when they were all she had left. (Matthew 12:42 and Luke 21:2). Jesus called his disciples together to showcase her as an example of faith. 

I am not writing to put you on a guilt trip.  I want us all to be on a faith trip; faith in a God who rewards obedience, especially obedience that is costly. Faith in a God who will not let you fall when your heart is set on helping others. 

The person you are giving to probably knows times are tough and will appreciate it even more.  

So will God.


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