Getting Closer to God

Don’t you want to get closer to God? Scripture tells us that this should be the desire of every Christian. And, seriously, we all desire it…but on what (or whose) terms?

What does it mean to draw closer to God? I think it means being more connected. We all want that, don’t we? Don’t you want to feel like you are walking more in the Spirit, more in tune with where God wants you, having your thoughts aligned more with what He is concerned about as opposed to what the world is focused on? And if I can get all that without having to make any drastic changes in my life, well that would be pretty awesome!

But, on God’s terms, drawing closer means being more dependent on Him as the answer to every need we have in life.

This is the screaming question: what am I depending on for my peace, my security or my comfort other than God? And if I really want to get closer to Him…do I have to give it up? What if it’s not really “that bad”? Do I still need to give it up…really…forever?

Scripture has a term for these “things” on which we depend. It calls them idols. And having them violates the first commandment and a whole lot of other scriptural principles.

I don’t need to share with you what my idols are to make my point. All I suggest you do is that you take the risky step of asking God, in His mercy, to reveal your idols to you so that you can put them aside…forever. This (among other things) will draw you closer to Him, because as you jettison those things that you are holding onto for your security, you will feel very vulnerable; maybe even scared. And when we are vulnerable, weak and scared, we turn to God. It is a simple equation and a timeless truth.

And if by now you hate what I am saying, especially if it rings true, let me reassure you that there is good news. Those things that you need to toss aside, well they were never really going to save you anyway. What they were really going to do is keep you more distant from a loving Father who wants to be nearer to you too. A loving father who wants to meet your every need as you depend totally on Him.

Don’t put off asking God to let you see what idols are in your life. Don’t continue to ask to get closer to God on your own terms that allow you to keep holding onto what actually separates you from Him. It does not and cannot work that way.

And if you ever want to talk more about what might be an idol in your life, feel free to connect with me…unfortunately, I have a lot of experience with them!

©Stephen B. Hatcher. All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Getting Closer to God

  1. This is so easy to forget, as we cozy up to our false sense of security. Thank you for the reminder to push past that to our ultimate reality of insecurity that exists outside of the arms of God.

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