About Steve Hatcher

Steve Hatcher is a man who has experienced God’s grace. He is a cancer survivor who is simply navigating a road that he did not expect to ever walk down.  Steve is happily married to an incredible woman who walks beside him, wonderfully proud of his two sons, thankful for two amazing daughters-in-law and enraptured with his grandaughter. Steve keeps an eye on her little finger, making sure that he does not get wrapped around it, which would not be good for him or for her.


1 thought on “About Steve Hatcher

  1. I just started your book Safe in the Storm, given to me by a mutual friend. The story starts out very much the same as mine. Including the phone call, disease, age, trip to Rochester and now in Jacksonville (I have nicknamed Club Mayo), etc. Your book is already a comfort – just to know anyone who has this disease and how they marching with it. Truthfully, I am not where you are in your walk with Christ. I’m a work in progress. But this book gives me Biblical connections to the various experiences of this disease. As I march toward stem cell transplant in a couple of weeks this book will be a good friend. Thank you!

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